About Yigal Ziv

Mr. Yigal Ziv made the decision to go into business for himself after he had been residing in the United States for a total of five years. In Commerce, Michigan, he laid the groundwork for what would become Lemoine Multinational Technologies Inc. with the intention of enhancing the manner in which robots interact with data. His organization has enjoyed a great deal of success over the years, one of which was achieved through the application of data to increase the efficiency of machines that are used in industrial applications.

When Yigal Ziv began working in software development that was related to reducing the amount of time it takes to machine molds and dies, he noticed that machines were sitting idle while waiting on machining programs from the CAM department. This was a problem for him because he was responsible for decreasing the amount of time it takes to machine molds and dies. Mr. Ziv saw that machine operators were a resource that was underutilized and could be trained to build their own machining programs. This would allow them to keep up with what was required to keep their machines producing.

This marked the beginning of shop floor programming for mold shops, which would later significantly alter the manner in which mold businesses conducted their business. This way of thinking completely transformed Mr. Ziv's personal business.

Lemoine Technologies has established itself as the industry standard bearer in the fields of 2.5-D and 3-D machining over the course of the previous 35 years. The following aspects of machining are made more efficient thanks to Lemoine's 2.5-D models: gundrilling, plates, and core and cavity. Even while 2.5-D cameras perform admirably for the tasks for which they were designed, there are occasions when it is necessary to see more of the machine in order to make programming go more quickly. Lemoine's 3D machining capabilities cover the following areas in addition to 2.5-D cams: 3+2 Machining, Smooth finish, High-speed milling, Detailing, and Electrode design. All of these capabilities are in addition to 2.5-D cams.

Lemoine is a pioneer in the field of using data to effect change even as machines are working, which is perhaps the most essential aspect of his accomplishments. Yigal Ziv has devoted his entire professional life to ensuring that data is gathered and analyzed in real time in order to enable faster and more accurate machine output.

Yigal Ziv attributed a significant amount of his professional success to his use of the attitude to increase efficiency on shop floors, and Lemoine continues to be an industry pioneer in this area. In the decades that he has spent working with mechanical devices, Mr. Ziv has achieved many things, some of which are listed below: 1992 saw the first implementation of shop floor programming in tool shops, while the year 2000 saw the first implementation of machine data gathering for data-driven machining. The development and implementation of Pulse, an innovative machine monitoring technology developed by Lemoine. Since the year 2000, this technology has been utilized to monitor both large and small machines, as well as the processes they perform.

Yigal Ziv is a specialist in the development of software as well as the enhancement of industrial applications. Because he has lived in both Israel and the United States — and because his company is international — he possesses qualities that many business owners in the United States do not, such as the ability to view the world from the perspective of a multicultural point of view. This is because his company is international. Due to the fact that he has spent his whole working life as a business owner, he is also skilled in areas such as leadership, communication, and negotiation.